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March 27, 2014

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2710 Old Lebanon Road, 37214.  Lower level of Donelson Plaza.


All group classes have the same low $175 semester tuition ($165 for Summer). Payment plans are available.

No hidden venue, showcase or costume fees; Contact: info@EastgateCCF.com


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Piano Showcase Jenesis

“Acting for Stage and Television” –  Students of any age will learn method-acting,  character development, and receive training  for diction, memorization, confidence, poise  and projection. Students will receive on-  camera acting and leave with talent agency contact info. Children will learn monologues, how to  audition for commercials and talent agencies, and participate in group performances.

picture-6 “Online Creative Writing”  Expand your vocabulary, learn to brainstorm and put an end to writer’s  block forever without leaving home! Learn mind-mapping techniques that will focus you and make  your  writing more entertaining. This online class is offered to both children and adults and is the  perfect way  to learn style and form.  Option is given to then graduate to Songwriting at mid-semester.  Taught by  Laura Harris Smith.

Dance: (The Eastgate Conservatory offers dance  in the following areas: Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Broadway, Modern, Hip-Hop and Latino. Please  see this semester’s classes below): “Dance Styles Class”- explores many types of movements associated with dance. Classes will begin with a ballet warm-up, and then move through a variety of dance styles throughout the class time. These styles could include ballet, contemporary, musical theatre and many more.

“Music Theory”This class will give a basic understanding of notes, timing, reading music and general music history. Suggested before certain other music classes given by the Conservatory (please inquire). Time TBA.


SongwritingFor intermediate or advanced songwriters who want to learn all aspects of  songwriting, including lyrics, melodies, structure, etc. Will also touch on publishing, recording demos,  licensing and all other subjects relating to songwriting.

“Guitar” – A class for intermediate guitar players (acoustic guitars preferred but electrics with small  amps are allowed) with the emphasis on playing by ear and feel, as opposed to just notes from the  written page. This is a class with multiple students for 13 years and older. patti2tennessean07

“Italian For Fun” Patti Franklin’s fun style of teaching conversational  Italian to beginners has become popular among students in Nashville. She    introduces geography, cultural aspects of Italy and the basics of spoken Italian. Classes are Tuesday nights at 7pm, and a trip to Italy is in the works! For more class details visitwww.italianforfun.com

“Conversational Spanish” (Beginner & Advanced) – The best way to learn a second language is the same way you learned your first. You need to first understand, second speak and then worry about grammar.  Unfortunately most programs out there start backwards. This class will concentrate on building vocabulary and working in the proper pronunciation of the language. Lots of practice speaking. Taught by Glori Baird.

“French 101” for those who have a strong desire to learn or practice basic communication skills for fun or travel. Will include vocabulary, grammar, accent, and cultural lessons. No experience necessary! Taught by Cara Lippman. picture-9

“Painting 101″ Explore the mediums of charcoal sketches, pastels and latex paint while also learning to explore your own creativity and imagination. Taught by Brian Frost.

“Ready, Set, Sew!” Want to learn how to sew, knit and crochet? Learn tips and techniques for that budding seamstress in you: the basics for sewing, knitting and crocheting, and other things you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time! Become an artist with the medium of fabric.  Taught by Debbie Clark.

                                 PRIVATE LESSONS:

“Violin Beginners This is a class for children ages 5-8. Students will learn beginning violin and basic music theory. $15 per half hour and 25$ per hr. Taught by Sarah Bonham. “Violin/ Fiddle” – (Rec. for ages 8 and up) Karen offers private violin or fiddle lessons to persons of all ages, and at all levels of playing ability, beginning to more advanced. Lessons will be modified for each student and their goals. Each student learns the fundamentals of the correct classical violin technique combined with the introduction to fiddling styles as well with emphasis on the Suzuki violin method. $17.50 per half hour, $26.25 for 45 minutes and $35 per hr.Taught by Karen Pendley Kuykendall on Tuesday early afternoons.


“Piano For Serious Students” – taught by Dr. Rucele Consigny.  Lessons in piano playing, composition and arrangement.  Private lessons taught by Dr. Consigny. “Piano” – Instruction at all levels (beginners or  advanced) for  students desiring to study Piano. All ages welcome. Teacher:    Jana Jaudon.

Trumpet Private lesson charge: $20 per 1/2 hr. lesson. Taught by Hunter  Sparkman.

Voice – Private lesson charge: $20 per 1/2 hr. lesson. Taught by Hunter Sparkman.  Varied levels. International Voice Learn to sing in 8 languages by studying the “International Phonetic Alphabetic.”  Want to learn  to since in French, Latin, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc.?  Now’s the time!

Drum Private lesson charge: $20 per 1/2 hr. lesson.

Cello Private lesson charge: $25 per 1/2 hr. lesson. Taught by Treble Maddux.





  • Dr. Rucele Consigny was trained in Chicago by concert pianist Abe Stockman and Composer in Residence Robert Lombardo and has multiple degrees, ranging from Masters degrees to Ph.d’s.  He is currently a college professor at Tennessee State University, a father and grandfather.
  • Paula Kittle trained in Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap, Contemporary and Musical Theatre at one of England’s top theatre schools, Laine Theatre Arts, in Epsom, Surrey. Upon graduation in 1994 she began her career in dance with Carnival Cruise Lines. Paula taught Ballet, Tap and Musical Theatre for several years at Hermitage Hills Arts Academy and is delighted to be part of the vision for the Eastgate Arts Conservatory. Paula has four daughters and another baby due next year and is our Conservatory Dance Director.
  • Bobby E. Boyd is a Grammy Award winning Songwriter , Producer and Artist who is best known for co-writing the song “Bless The Broken Road”. He is a former songplugger for BMG Music in Nashville and has had multiple #1 songs , as both a writer & plugger. He has worked with Tim McGraw , Linda Davis , and many more. Bobby is a father of four.
  • Laura Harris Smith is a published author, television actress, talent scout, and former TV host of the Shop At Home TV Network. She is represented by the Wilhelmina Dan Agency for Models and Talent, where she was once on staff as Talent Scout and still takes local actors and models to in whom she sees potential. She is a mother of six, grandmother to three baby boys with a granddaughter on the way, and she and her husband, Chris are the pastors of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship. Laura is also our Conservatory Director.
  • Brian Frost is a painter, creative mechanical designer and inventor whose visual artistry has been enjoyed by many for more than two decades. He brings to our Conservatory basic training for students in the mediums of charcoal sketches, pastels and latex paint (yes, house paint). You can see Brian paint live weekly under the impromptu inspiration of the Holy Spirit on Sunday mornings at Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in Donelson, TN.
  • Cara Lippman fell in love with the French language when a family friend gave her “Cinderella” (”Cendrillon”) in French when she was a little girl. She studied the language in school and university for 6 years and subsequently taught it to high school children for 5 years. Cara enjoys using the language in her current job to speak with French-speaking African dignitaries.
  • Sarah Bonham loves working with children and has recently graduated from W.O. Smith Nashville Community Music School where she attended for over nine years. Sarah is on the paid staff at Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in our children’s department because of her obvious love and devotion to children’s ministry.
and never looked back. Since then he has gone on to play on numerous studio
projects. As well as tour with various artists with styles ranging from
  • Glori Baird was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, with Spanish as her first language. She graduated form TSU with a BS in Family and Consumer Science. Her teaching experience comes from her own children now totally bilingual (understand, speak ,read and write the language). She join the Conservatory last year and has taught privates Spanish lessons for the past two years. Glori lives in Lavergne with her husband and three girls were she homeschool her kids.
  • Debbie Clark began knitting at a very early age making items for herself and siblings which included mittens, hats, doll clothes and afghans, and she’s been crocheting for approximately 18 years. Her sewing instruction started about 43 years ago with her first home economics class. Her greatest joy is to pass on to others this love for sewing and crafting as it was shared with her and keep the circle flowing from friend to friend, family member to family member.
  • Patti Franklin Nelson has been speaking and singing professionally in Italian since the age of 19. She studied in Europe and then served with a Christian organization for ten years, both in Italy and India. She then lived and worked in the music business and concert ministry for nearly another ten years while living in Torino, Northern Italy. Patti now lives with her husband, Gary, in Nashville. She travels back to Italy each year to bring music and inspiration!
  • Karen Pendley-Kuykendall has taught Orchestra programs in the Nashville-Davidson County schools for several years, as well as private violin instruction at Hermitage Arts Academy and the Renaissance Center. Karen continues to work as a professional fiddle player and singer, backing up and touring, nationally and internationally, with many well known country artists, as well as with her own bluegrass group, The HeartStrings. Karen is an excellent teacher for students looking for a good classical violin foundation, with the ability to combine it with the commercial art of fiddle playing.

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